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Baldwin Wallace University

Embraces Diversity and Inclusion

Today, that spirit of inclusiveness is still a central thread woven into the university’s institutional fabric. That inclusive spirit has flourished and evolved into a personalized approach to education — one that stresses individual growth as students learn to learn, respond to new ideas, adapt to new situations and prepare for the certainty of change. President Bob Helmer, who is finishing his second year at BW, said he and the administration, faculty and staff are committed to honoring the founding principles of embracing diversity and inclusion.

“John Baldwin founded Baldwin Wallace to provide access to all people to obtain an education. We continue to honor that heritage by reaching out to all populations and by providing support that ensures student success,” he explained. “What also distinguishes Baldwin Wallace is our sense of community where everyone feels like they are a part of something truly special.  This is also a diverse environment that provides a variety of input and beliefs that in turn lead to a very rich and rewarding learning experience.

“I would hate to be at a college where everyone thought the same and came from the same backgrounds because that simply is not our world,” he added.

Baldwin Wallace University has an enrollment of 4,000 full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The university has embarked upon several new programs and campus initiatives to provide a campus community that reflects the larger world in which today’s graduates will live, work and lead. In fact, this year’s freshman class is one of the largest first-year classes in 44 years, with 21 percent of the incoming students representing diverse populations. By comparison, the incoming class of 2005 included only eight percent students of color... read more